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  • Share To Stream : Let your music do the promoting! Listeners can share about you on social media and via email to gain free streams.
  • Paid Streams : Why let streams go for free? Charge a tiny but fair amount to your listeners per Stream. Your Fans get a great incentive because each paid stream goes to the cost of them buying the album or song.
  • Unlimited Streams : Want to use Musotrade to showcase you music by offering free streams to Fans? No problem!

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Whether you sell 10, 1,000 or 10,000 copies of an album a month, you will only ever pay a small fee! Find out more on our Pricing Page.


What better place for Session Musicians to find work than on a site full of Artists?!
Register early to make sure you have a place available!

  • Only 75 Session Musicians per instrument : Have more of a chance at finding work with lower numbers featured on the site!
  • Teams : Create your own Teams to complete work on jobs.
  • Own Page on Musotrade : Showcase yourself and your past work to find work.
  • Work Board : Find work posted on our Work Board from Artists already using Musotrade and members of the Public.
  • Our Colour Coded System : Using colours matched with genres of music, Artists can easily find the right Session Musician for them.

What is it going to cost to feature on Musotrade?

Only £3.99 per month where you pay 0% Commission on ALL jobs… It’s true, don’t delay, register today!

Musotrade is your new community to find great bands and like-minded friends to share them with when you join for FREE!


  • All of the money you spend goes to supporting your favourite Artists!
  • Your Own Page : Listen to your purchased music on your own Audio Player, share music, posts and reviews on Musotrade and your Social Media pages.
  • Share to Stream : As well as getting unlimited streams of some Artists music, you can also share about the music you find on social media and via email to gain free streams!
  • Paid Streams : As a great incentive for you, each paid stream goes to the cost of buying the album or song.
  • Stream Limiter : Set how much you want to spend on music in your desired timeframe.
  • Automatic Downloads : Once you have streamed a song or albums enough times to buy it, you will receive message saying that an automatic download is available.
  • Pay What’s Left : Only need 5 more streams to buy and album or song? Simply pay off the rest to own it straight away!
  • Download your Music to any device : If you lose your entire music history on a broken hard drive, simply download it all again from Musotrade!

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